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Kolokium: Blockchain Applied to Business

KOLOKIUM BLOCKCHAIN ​​TECHNOLOGIES is a Spanish company, with a vocation international, which was born in 2017 with the aim of providing our clients solutions and applications based on Blockchain technology, so that, in the process of digital transformation, optimize your business processes, generate value, gain efficiency, reduce operational costs and increase your cyber resilience.

What do we do?

Our Vision : Blockchain will become the foundation upon which to build Trust-Driven companies, focused on reliability, quality, and data availability.

Our Mission: Develop tools that increase the interoperability and integration of Blockchain technology in IT environments to accelerate the change in the current data governance model within companies.

Our Values: We build our corporate culture on 5 essential values for us:
  • Continuous Innovation, allowing us to progress constantly
  • Professional Growth of the individuals who make up Kolokium.
  • Transparency with our team and our clients.
  • Reliability with the solutions and tools we develop.
  • Responsibility to the needs of our clients.

Why do we do it?

Based on the experience gained since the inception of the company, across various projects and clients from different industries, we understand that solutions based on Blockchain technology are:

  • Complex: Proof of concepts may be simple, but production environments are not.
  • Distributed: Data and code have their own governance models.
  • Consortium-driven: Understanding and implementing relationships between participants is necessary.
Our main goal is to reduce the frictions that occur when our clients transition from the proof of concept to the production environment. We achieve this by developing and implementing IT processes that automate all tasks related to Blockchain infrastructure.

Foque trust-driven

Trust-Driven is the new paradigm that companies must embrace as an opportunity to enhance trust in the data they handle, the processes they implement, and interactions with other organizations, clients, and partners.

Enfoque trust-driven

Companies need to develop strategies that enable them to be trust-oriented from all possible angles. With 360º approaches to customer or partner relationships, companies are compelled to create information systems that allow them to maintain data of various natures, whose origins and trustworthiness may degrade over time.


The best professionals in the industry

Sergio Gomez


Head of Project & Product Management

Japi Ruiz


Head of Infrastructure

Juan Martin


Head of Development

Nader Aladel


Blockchain Engineer (R&D)

Alberto Quevedo


Blockchain Engineer

M. Ramón López


Senior Blockchain Engineer

Juanma Muñoz


Infrastructure Architect

Global vision

Services and Solutions designed to serve the global market from experience and knowledge of technology.

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Technology Partners

The true digital transformation of an organization involves not only one technology, but several, which is why at Kolokium We work with an ecosystem of partners who add value to our solutions and products and offer competencies multidisciplinary and transversal.

Kolokium works with top-level partners that complement its solutions and products, from BPM providers, experts in Frontend, Wallet developers or cryptographic hardware system (HSM) providers when the requirements and High security demands of our clients demand it, as a result of the experience and knowledge of the cryptographic industry and of the encryption and signing algorithms used by Blockchain technology.

Kolokium is a great solutions integrator due to its deep knowledge of existing systems and technologies and its experience in processes and in the industry. If we add to this the continuous pursuit of innovation, which is in our DNA, we are the partner suitable travel plan to pursue digital transformation.

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Work Methodology and Commitment

Today more than ever, companies expect speed, flexibility from their suppliers. and commitmentin delivery times.

At KOLOKIUM we approach our projects using agile methodologies because they contribute to improving quality, increasing productivity and complying with the commitments to our clients.

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa

Gestionamos la actividad de nuestra empresa de manera sostenible con el medio ambiente y de forma ética con la sociedad en general.

Observamos la filantropía con los más desfavorecidos, practicamos el trato respetuoso y ético con nuestros empleados y clientes y rechazamos y denunciamos el tráfico de influencias y de capitales.


We collaborate in public/private initiatives aimed at exploring the possibilities of blockchain technology across various industrial and corporate domains


The PRIOPS project has received support from CDTI through its Neotec 2018 program, where it has been granted a subsidy of €247,618



Comprehensive platform for intelligent civil engineering audit based on the automatic capture and parameterization of construction elements in the BIM information model, certified through Blockchain for production. The project is funded by CDTI and co-financed by FEDER.

Execution Period: September 2018 to December 2020
Total Budget: 2.218.874,00€


K 1

Framework for the automated generation and deployment of smart contracts on Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric distributed architectures. The project is funded with the support of K1_FRAMEWORK FOR THE AUTOMATED GENERATION AND DEPLOYMENT OF SMART CONTRACTS ON ETHEREUM AND HYPERLEDGER BLOCKCHAINS by CDTI with its own funds through the INNOGLOBAL 2017 call, and it is supported by the Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Competitiveness.

Execution Period: October 2017 to September 2019
KOLOKIUM Budget: 381.440€

Paravasis CDTI


PARAVASIS es un proyecto Subvencionado por el CDTI que ha sido apoyado por el Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación, y que investiga en nuevas tecnologías para que haya una mejora sustancial en la flexibilidad y productividad del proceso de diseño y desarrollo de sistemas industriales complejos favoreciendo la personalización de nuevos productos intensivos en software y considerando además el mejor balance de tiempo, capacidad y coste, así como la seguridad.

Consorcio: Ghenova Digital, DHG, Integrasys, Cotesa, Capgemini Engineering, Optiva Media, Kolokium y Komorebi.

Plazo de ejecución: 01/10/2022 – 30/06/2025

Presupuesto KOLOKIUM: 5.364.425,00 €


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