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File System Blockchain

KOLFSB can be deployed on any Hyperledger Fabric infrastructure as a standalone tool for managing files and documents.

Currently, users demand solutions for managing data and documents with Blockchain technology. This technology primarily focuses on data security, while managing files in Blockchain is not possible directly.

KOLFSB addresses this issue using Smart Contracts and API/REST access.

Additionally, KOLFSB includes software that allows Smart Contracts to easily manage their documents and files, giving them digital identity on the platform. They can be stored, encrypted, partitioned, and replicated using nodes from the Hyperledger Fabric network or external cloud repositories.
This way, customers can have reliable data and more secure and resilient environments.

KOLFSB, Filesystem blockchain

Repository of files governed by a private and permissioned Blockchain, enabling document control within platform processes.


Traceability and immutability of all operations, transactions, and signatures made with files, supporting files of any size and type.


Control over the distribution of file fragments and the creation and management of traceable approval workflows for files, maintaining a version history of documents.

Maximum security assurance in cryptographic operations and access protected by digital identities, using digital signatures with 256-bit ECDSA X.509 electronic certificates.


Graphic interface for user usability and experience, allowing visualization and status checking (number of replicas, node status, operation history, etc.).


REST API for integration with applications, external processes, systems, etc., and native integration with other Blockchain processes.


Cross-platform capability with any Cloud environment (AWS, GCP, and Azure) and support for all versions of Hyperledger Fabric from v2.x.

The following images display the graphical interface with the file manager and workflows manager of KolFSB.

On June 5th, version 2.0 of KOLFSB was introduced. In the following video, you can watch the product presentation event, which introduced new features and part of the product roadmap.



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File System Blockchain


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