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Blockchain can create new relationship models where parties that do not usually trust each other can interact trustfully. Thanks to the new levels of data governance provided by smart contracts.


All operations on a blockchain platform are digitally signed by the sender, connected to the previous entry in the blockchain and distributed among all participating nodes. This not only makes transactions more secure, but also impossible to tamper with. This extends to processes, data and people; taking security to another level.


Being able to record in the blockchain every operation or step of a process, provides this technology with a level of traceability only limited by the detail of the data being recorded. As well as being protected by unparalleled security levels.


Blockchain and its possibility of running smart contracts will definitivily ease the transformation of complex processes with several actors into efficient processes where information is shared, processed and audited by all participants in a permissioned manner.


As said, blockchain and its smart contracts will allow anyone to give access to their data on a permissioned manner, where data can be mined by others without compromising the security or the annonminity of the data.

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The root of the noun ‘Kolokium’ is the latin word Colloquium , which in Spanish means 'Coloquio'. The closest English word for it is Discussion and literally means:

"A meeting where a limited number of people are invited to discuss a problem without the compromise of having to reach an agreement."

And this has been the philosophy of Kolokium since its inception. To talk about real problems and try to resolve them using blockchain technology. But always starting with a conversation.

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At Kolokium we are always looking for inquisitive people not scared of challenges. If you are one of them and have an interest on working with blockchain technologies, have frontend/backend experience or are just convinced that you can help us. Please get in touch.

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